September 22 nd 2017 | Location / Arrival

The event location is above Dresden's eaves height. The festival room is at the 6th floor, alongside with a garderobe and a roof-deck. You can enjoy a beautiful view over Dresden during the breaks.


Schützenplatz 14
01067 Dresden
6th floor


Tram lines: 1, 2, 6, 10, 11
Bus line: 94
Station: Bahnhof Mitte
+ Walk 5 minutes


From directions: Dresden Flughafen, Dresden Hauptbahnhof, Heidenau, Ortrand, Pirna
Station: Dresden Mitte
+ Walk 5 minutes

Main entrance

Via the main entrance at Schützenplatz, you'll get to the foyer. From there you can take one of 2 elevators or the stairway to 6th floor.

Barrier-free entrance

Via the parking place at the back of the building (accessible via Ritzenbergstr.) you can find an entrance even with the ground. From there you can take one of 2 elevators to 6th floor.


There is a parking area right in front of the building that you can use for a parking fee. Free parking lots can be found in the sideways nearby.

Please note that the parking lots at the back of the building are reserved for renters and unfortunately can not be used.